Venus Growers

The VENUS GROWERS  operates in the field of fruit processing and production of fruit compote.Venus Growers is a member at the Chamber of Imathia and Exporters' Association of Northern Greece (SEVE).It has also developed partnerships with The Ministry of Agriculture, regarding the development of new varieties, as well as programmes of integrated management in the primary production,Universities and Research Institutes (R&D)
Customers for raising and developing new products.The vision of Venus Growers is the maximum customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products and efficient service.

Project description:
Our company undertook the complete construction of a 500KW photovoltaic project,with provision for later extension to 1MW, which was installed on the roofs of the facilities of the company "VENUS GROWERS", for self-consumption of the produced energy. He supervised the study, the issuance of the production license, the supply of materials, the complete construction of the project until the connection to the DEDDHE network and its delivery to the customer with the "key in hand". The project was implemented by a well-trained scientific staff consisting of specialized politicians, engineers and electrical engineers, as well as fully trained technical staff.
Customer :