Corfu Imperial (Corfu)


Air-cooled heat pump installation to produce domestic hot water and heating for the pool.

Corfu Imperial is an exclusive resort Grecotel’s group, which is in a verdant private peninsula of Corfu consisting of 281 seafront rooms, suites, villas with private pool and plenty of amenities.


Project description:
Study -Supply- Installing equipment for producing domestic hot water, as well as electrical grid improvement. The above actions concern the main building of the hotel capacity 248 rooms (496 beds) and hotel’s spa facilities as well as the heating of a swimming pool. 


Main actions accomplished

  • Four (4) compressors air-cooled heat pump installation.
  • For optimal function of the heat pump buffer tanks were installed.
  • Installation of water tanks (boiler) connected in order to progressively load and store the produced hot water from the solar thermal field as well as the heat pump (through appropriate plate heat exchangers).
  • Installation auxiliary equipment (pumps, switching valves, a.o)
  • Monitoring and setting the system in order to achieved the optimal function between old and new equipment.


  • With the above installation and with data that the previous system beyond the malfunctions had liquid gas boiler or oil boiler for basic source of producing heating we have a substantial upgrading energy.
  • Results of this energy upgrade are the annual saving it rises 34.000€ as well as reduction in the CO2 emissions towards the environment is similar.
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